Atelier Designs

Interior Design

Designs exclusively unique for you.

2107 Atelier is a dedicated and aspiring team of interior designers driven in presenting the best in interiors and deluxe design. With skillful, innovative and unexpected thinking, our team deliver first-class, luxury interiors with passion and vision that develops all aspects of the interior’s architecture and features.

Understanding your vision enables us to curate a cutting-edge environment. Responding to your individual needs both in style and budget, we believe in transparent design and consider the functionality and practicalities of your life to seamlessly deliver you a truly elegant and supreme scheme. We place functionality and existing architecture at the heart of every brief and endeavour to unite your lifestyle with our designs.

Our process

  1. Consultation :
  2. Book your no obligation consultation and have a phone call with our design experts who will ask you a few questions to best understand your needs.
  3. Site Inspection :
  4. We will visit your site and together we will discuss your requirements, priorities. budget and timeframe.
  5. Design Concept :
  6. Presentation of design concept using 2D & 3D drawings, sketches & moodboards. All our designs conform with statutory regulations with regards to health and safety, building control, fire & access.
  7. Planning & Budget :
  8. Design will be presented to client and per approval, quote will be sent in relation to approved design.
  9. Execution :
  10. We work with diligence to deliver on time, budget & make it a pleasant experience.